Judy Clarke is a wife, mother, grandmother to two grown grandchildren, reader and writer.  Her two non-fiction books — Mother Tough wrote the book and That’s all she wrote — are on her friends’ and family’s shelves.  She’s also working on a novel, But why?  She knows why she’s writing it, but she’s not sure she’ll ever finish.

In the years since Judy and husband Peter retired to southwest Virginia they’ve had some wonderful trips that will be featured in some of her posts. Others will be slices-of-life like the very first one, “We’ve arrived and to prove it we’re here.” Here’s a link.

On August 6, 2014 Judy published the first post of her second blog, “Dementia isn’t funny.”  She writes about her husband’s dementia from her caregiver’s perspective. Laughter is the balm that eases their days.


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