Fall back? Not again!

If Daylight Savings Time rings your chimes the way it does mine—loudly, annoyingly, abrasively—please click here to tell the politicians in Washington why youScreen shot 2014-10-23 at 9.40.00 AM want your clocks left alone year round.  We’re just a week away from the “fall back” date, and I hate it as much now as I have all the other times I’ve written about it.

Last year my friend Linda commented on my end-of-October post “Leave my blankie alone!”  She wrote, “After our Spring Forward time change, one of our students at the school where I taught, was an hour late for the next week. On the following Monday, I met the mother at her car and casually mentioned that we had changed the time for Daylight Saving. Her comment was, “Don’t tell me they are doing that again!”

I’ve linked this post to last year’s rant about time change (see above) because, well, I’ve run out of time!  So much to do before the evenings darken at the hour they’re supposed to and the sun wakes me at the “right time” once again.



4 thoughts on “Fall back? Not again!

  1. Well, I for one always liked the extra hour of daylight in the summer and fall and dreaded end of DST when having to walk to parking lot in the dark at 5:00 sfter work! Being retired now, it’s a whole different time schedule — (or No Schedule:) so doesn’t matter! Just imagine living in Alaska, Canada, Europe, or the higher latitudes where it’s dark so many hours!! The Lake here gives us more than enough dark, gray, cloudy days so any extra sun and daylight is very welcome!! cj


    • I guess you won’t be voting for an end to DST forever then, CJ? It might be dark way north in the winter, but think of all that sunshine in the summer, hmmm? 😉


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