Oh-h say can you see?


IMG_0551Thank goodness my morning walks often inspire ideas for my blog posts, and, thank goodness, this morning was no exception once I spotted fog blanketing the turf grass research fields.  The Fourths of July in my memory are steamy and blindingly sunny. Today, not so much.

Even though posting new blogs is at the writer’s whim, I pile guilt upon myself when I don’t give equal time to both my sites. June was Alzheimer’s Awareness month and with Father’s Day thrown in, I concentrated on “Dementia isn’t funny.” The heap of guilt on my shoulders resembles the shoulder pads 1940’s movie stars sported.

But as I walked, I thought, ah, July 4 and it’s not blazingly, meltingly hot. An idea blossomed. I looked at my garden when I got home and realized how striking the colors are by dawn’s early light. While I took these photos, the sun was a flashlight — on, off, on, off — but it was the gentle mist that made the colors glow.


July Fourth brings memories of  homemade strawberry ice cream, parades, blueberry pie, my dad’s birthday, and always, the stars and stripes forever.


Plumbago’s brilliant blue, white daisies and a tiny flag brighten my desk.




11 thoughts on “Oh-h say can you see?

  1. I decided on blueberry cobbler instead of pie because the berries weren’t good enough to deserve pie crust!


  2. Love your pictures–they’re like fireworks in my brain. Lucifer is something I simply must obtain! The democratic side of me says to enjoy merely looking at it, but the Republican side dictates that I must own it. I too have bee balm and make tea from the leaves when I have a sore throat. It contains a compound which is used in many mouthwashes, Wiki tells me. I have a big Canon Ti camera that I brought to the Bug Tumbling gorge yesterday, but it stayed locked in my toolbox–too much trouble to carry along with my rods and net, etc. After seeing more of the inner gorge, I wish I’d brought it along. Luv your blog!


    • Thanks, John. Lucifers are stunning, but I was surprised to learn they’re in the gladioli (gladiolus?) family. I hate gladioli-us. Glad you got the fireworks image. That’s what I was going for. 😉


  3. Really lovely flowers and clever holiday color theme! Your garden is amazing and would love to see an overview,if you can send a pic like that sometime. Ohioans have the best Green Thumbs, don’t we? 🙂 cj


    • Thanks, Carolyn. Yep, green thumbs grow in Ohio, I think, altho’ mine isn’t as green as my parents’ thumbs, nor my grandparents!


  4. My green thumb came from my paternal grandparents who had gorgeous, huge gardens, so my dad’s thumb was bright green, and mom’s was too. Yup, all Ohio!


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